Who gets vein disease and why?

By Dr. Cohen

If you have vein problems you are far from alone!

Problems with leg veins are unbelievably common. As many as 60% of Americans have some sort of vein abnormalities in their legs. It is particularly common in women. As many as 40% of women over 50 have symptoms related to vein disease. And while they may suspect it, most don’t find out until it’s affecting their quality of life.

Who gets vein disease? There are common risk factors that make it more likely that someone might develop vein disease.

Family history is one of these risk factors. If neither parent has vein problems, your risk would be 20% of developing it yourself. If one parent has vein problems, that risk goes up to 47%. And if both parents have vein problems, there’s a solid 89% chance that you will.

Pregnancy is the other major risk factor, and the more times you are pregnant the higher the risk. If you’ve had one pregnancy you have a 13% risk of developing varicose veins. With two pregnancies, the risk jumps to 30%. And after three pregnancies, you’re odds are up around 57%.

Based on these risk factors, I tell many of my patients that vein disease is the one problem you inherit from your parents AND your children!

Inactivity is another risk factor. People who are actively walking during their working hours have a lower risk of varicose veins – only 6%. People who sit for prolonged periods have a 29% risk. And those who stand in one place for many hours at work suffer the most, with a 64% risk of developing varicose veins.

Like most issues, the older we get the more common vein problems are. While they can develop in teenagers, most people begin to experience problems in their middle years. Left untreated, it is often the elderly that have the most advanced problems.

Fortunately, anyone, even elderly patients, can be treated safely and alleviate their vein disease! And it’s usually covered by insurance.

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About us: There are 20 million Americans with vein problems that can seriously affect the quality of their lives. And as we age, they just get worse. As one of the few New Jersey medical practices committed exclusively to vein care, Advanced Vascular Vein Care is uniquely capable of alleviating those problems, whether they are medical or cosmetic. All treatments are non-surgical, usually covered by insurance, and delivered in an office setting. And we do it as it should be done – with compassion, excellence, affordability, convenience, and the personal touch. Call 201-265-5300 or visit AdvancedVascular.com for a quick and easy consultation.

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