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What are all the options for closing a saphenous vein?

The saphenous veins in the legs are the most common sources of varicose veins. While physicians once removed them through painful “stripping”, we now do it by simply closing them off. This process is called “ablation” and there’s more than one way to ablate a vein. All the ablation procedures are very safe, quick, and […]

What do I do if my veins start bleeding?

External bleeding from a ruptured varicose vein can be very frightening, but it’s actually not that unusual and generally not that serious. By far, the most common time for these veins to burst and bleed is immediately after a shower. Although they are veins and not arteries, the pressure can be pretty high, so when […]

What are the risks associated with vein treatments?

You should always ask your doctor about the risks of treatment for any medical condition, and veins are no different. The good news is that the modern treatments for vein problems are extraordinarily safe. But nothing is completely risk-free, so let’s discuss it. What most of my patients are most concerned with is getting a […]

A good cause

If you have a moment, I’d like to tell you about a person and a cause I think are important. I was inspired by the story of new Nobel Peace prizewinner, Malala Yousafzai. She’s a 16 year-old Pakistani girl who stood up to a Taliban assassination attempt to take a powerful stand for the education […]

What can I do short of having a procedure?

For the vast majority of patients with symptomatic venous insufficiency, the first treatment should be a course of what we call “conservative therapy”. These are measures that you can do yourself, which might improve your symptoms (although they can’t make the problem go away or make your legs look any better). Before authorizing coverage for […]

What about blood clots?

The most common concern my patients express is about blood clots (thrombosis). Either having one or getting one after their treatments. Since you’re reading this, it’s probably a concern of yours too. So let me tell you more than you probably want to know. First of all, there are many kinds of “blood clots”. It’s […]

What’s causing my legs to swell?

Swollen legs is a common complaint. But what to do about it isn’t so simple. It might be a symptom of vein problems. Or it could be a range of other conditions. The three primary forms of swelling are edema (water retention), lymphedema and lipedema. What’s the difference? If you press your thumb into the […]

Insurance coverage of vein treatment

You may have heard stories about how insurance will or won’t cover vein treatments. While there is some variation among insurers, there are a few consistent rules I can share with you. Your vein doctor’s office should help you understand and deal with your own plan and coverage before any treatment. The general rule is […]

What happens if I don’t treat my vein problem?

Let’s face it. Having a vein problem isn’t exactly like having a heart attack. You CAN put off treatment! You can even choose to NEVER have treatment! BUT there CAN be consequences to letting your vein problem fester. First of all, the problem never gets better on its own. And it almost always gets worse […]

When should I see a vein doctor?

Vein problems in the legs are exceedingly common. They can result in symptoms ranging from cosmetic concerns to serious medical complications. This is why it is important for people who have varicose veins or other symptoms to know when it’s time to get professional help. As a general rule, if you have symptoms, you should […]